MASS BOF review

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From: EKR
Subject: MASS BOF review
Date: 20050804

A lot of spam and nearly all phishing mail is forged. This leads
to the potential implication that stopping forgery might have some
impact on them. DKIM is a merger of the DomainKeys and IIM proposals
for sender authentication via cryptographic signatures. The basic
idea is that mail servers sign the messages they forward and use
DNS to serve up their policies/keys.

BOF Review:
This is the second BOF on this topic. The last BOF was held a
year ago in San Diego and basically foundered on the lack of
a threat analysis. This BOF did the same, despite the BOF
organizer's valiant effort to redefine the problem as forgery
rather than spam and phishing. The basic tone was that a lot
of people seemed to think that this was good stuff but couldn't
really figure out what it was for.

Russ declared that a threat analysis---presumably one that
indicated that DKIM was actually useful---was required before
he approved this as a WG. I agree that this is the right

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