USB iPod Charging?

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My laptop computer has no firewire ports, so I can't use iPod's firewire-based charging. On my most recent trip I forgot my iPod charger and was reduced to using a friend's Mac to charge my 3G iPod. But here's the surprising thing: while she can (or at least says she can) charge her iPod (a U2 edition) via USB, I can't, even when I use her cable. I see that you can buy 3rd-party iPod USB chargers. Does anyone know if these are likely to work with my iPod? It sure would be nice not to have to carry the brick around.

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Not 100% sure, but I think last time I was flying, I read in SkyMall that there are USB-to-Firewire adapters designed precisely to solve this problem. I actually got a freebie at a conference recently which was one of those charge-anything-from-usb kits with a bunch of cellphone adapters and extension cables, plus some nifty things like 110-usb and car cig lighter-usb adapters. I'm 99% sure that the thing I saw in SkyMall was that plus USB-to-firewire converter. Picture at -- these apparently made by a company called ZIP-LINQ, and very useful.

You can also get an iPod power cable universal adaptor plug at Radio Shack. It fits onto their otherwise unremarkable universal DC/AC adaptors. With that and 1/2 a USB cable, you can make a charger fairly trivially.

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