Fourteen things you can't say in Canada

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Watchers of Canadian culture will want to read Margaret Wente's 7 things You Can't Say in Canada as well as seven more from Colby Cosh. Nominees for an equivalent list for the US are now open in the comments section.

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"4 bucks a gallon for gas is fair, as long as $2 is in taxes which go to support mass transport and a national rail system that doesn't suck"

"Sounds to me like using the federal income tax to fund public schools makes an awful lot of sense"

"Evolution is 'a theory' just like gravity is"

"Farm subsidies are a stupid idea"

"Call me French, but a 35-hour work week sounds like a grand idea -- let's have the government mandate it"

"The right to keep and bear arms applies only to formal militias, not individuals"

and last and probably least

"I think OS monoculture is a great idea".

[statments above do not necessarily represent opinions held by the poster. Do not taunt happy fun ball]

Mmmm, I think it's more useful to not have to defend these statements as true. But should be allowable to say.

Like Bill Maher's infamous comment on September 12.

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