Fiber-Optic Cables Considered Harmful

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Here's my latest paper, Fiber-Optic Cables Considered Harmful, Courtesy of MIT SCIgen. It's also worth checking out Mazieres and Kohler's submission to SCI 2005 (for reference, SCI is an apparently bogus conference which constantly spams CS researchers with their CFPs.) Make sure to check out Figure 1.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I seem to have lost the previous paper. However, I have some new results which you can read about in Operating Systems Considered Harmful.

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The real gem in there is latency, as measured in decibels.

I always wondered about those Cybernetics crap.

Get that page ./'ed and they will be SURE to be able to go...

Damn, it got /.ed when I was submitting it to /.!

I wondered why it stopped working!

Given that these generated papers seem to cite real papers, I wonder how long it will be until they start polluting CiteSeer. Of course, detecting these papers should be trivial since they can be parsed by the same CFG that generated them.

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