Welcome to the United States, please show us your e-mail

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Hi Dave,

As an attorney, practicing in the areas of international business and immigration law, it has come to my attention through discussions with other attorneys, that DHS is pulling aside "selected" aliens at entry checkpoints and bringing them into a separate room which contains a DHS computer connected to the internet. The aliens are told to bring up their various email accounts on the screen and enter their passwords. DHS then reads the emails for information pertaining to possible unauthorized work or other matters and questions the aliens on these findings. Of course, no attorney can be present at these interrogations! People travelling to the U.S. should be aware that a possible search of them by DHS now also means a search of their email accounts!

Rose Robbins, Esq.

As Dave Farber points out, other countries may do the same thing to Americans in retaliations. I'm really looking forward to that.

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EKR, are you trolling on your own blog, or do you actually think this is for real? I'm not sure why Farber posted it, but it can't possibly work, and at least I hope that even the TSA isn't so stupid as to think it could.

Oh, it gets even worse! I heard that they are also making people hand over their bank account numbers so they can view financial history... and if somebody refuses then they use carnivore to get the account number anyway and bankrupt the person for not cooperating. I know its true because I heard from a guy who knows my cousin who got it from some guy with a Ph.D.

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