MD5/SHA-1 slides

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I'll be talking about the status of MD5/SHA-1 at Thursday's IETF Open Security Area Meeting. Here are my slides. BTW, using LaTeX for slides is a lot less bad than I expected.

UPDATE 3/14/05: I've uploaded the slides I actually gave, incorporating some comments from Cyperpunk and Paul Hoffman.

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That looked good. You're missing a right parenthesis at the end of the HMAC definition. Also, the comment that finding a colliding HMAC is "doubly difficult because inner and outer prefixes are different" is not right; it is only necessary to find a collision using the inner prefix, and then it will automatically be a collision for the outer prefix, because the outer prefix is applied to the hash output from the inner hash, not the message itself.

Cypherpunk. Good catches. I plead lack of sleep for the "doubly difficult" error.

I heard today that the Wang MD5 paper is out, plus a paper by Klima with a potential speedup on her attack. See

There's a rather alarmist article on page 1 of today's Wall Street Journal on hash collisions. Looks like they haven't read ekr's slides.

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