Stop smoking, die of cancer

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This NYT article reports that cancer has finally passed heart disease as the leading killer of people under 85. Here's the interesting bit:
By far the main reason for the steep decline in cardiac deaths has been the reduction in cigarette smoking, especially among middle-aged men. Smoking is a leading cause of sudden cardiac death, and quitting smoking nearly eliminates this risk within a smoke-free year or two.

The relationship between smoking and cancer is quite different. Smoking can damage the genetic material in cells in many organs of the body. The damage is cumulative and irreversible, and evidence of it can take decades to emerge as a cancer - of the lung, larynx, mouth, bladder, pancreas, even the breast, among other organs. A person may quit smoking, but a nascent cancer will not disappear.

There's a lot of real low hanging fruit in terms of improving your health that doesn't require high tech methods or new research.

UPDATE: Hal points out that I should have written "under 85" instead of "over 85". Some sort of mental typo there. Corrected.

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Actually the article is about people under age 85, not over 85. Among the entire population, heart disease is still the leading killer. But among people under 85, heart disease deaths have fallen so that cancer is now higher.

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