Nora Ephron on Ayn Rand

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Reason's Rand-O-Rama has some pretty entertaining quotes about Ayn Rand, but the best is from Nora Ephron:
Like most of my contemporaries, I first read The Fountainhead when I was 18 years old. I loved it. I too missed the point. I thought it was a book about a strong-willed architect...and his love life.I deliberately skipped over all the passages about egoism and altruism. And I spent the next year hoping I would meet a gaunt, orange-haired architect who would rape me. Or failing that, an architect who would rape me. Or failing that, an architect. I am certain that The Fountainhead did a great deal more for architects than Architectural Forum ever dreamed. Nora Ephron, The New York Times Book Review (1968)

Does being on the Internet Architecture Board count?

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Only Lisa can answer that question. (Although it would be interesting to picture you with orange hair.) (Or hair, for that matter.)

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