FreeBSD 5.3 on the Panasonic W-2 (II)

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Here's an update on getting FreeBSD 5.3 working on the Panasonic W-2:
  • Neither ACPI nor APM work correctly. You can put the laptop to sleep but it doesn't resume. As Hovav Shacham points out, this sounds like you're halfway there, but it's really a lot less than that.
  • PCMCIA support works but only if you turn off the new PCMCIA support and turn on the OLDCARD support.
  • I'm able to talk to the Centrino wireless (software here), but it doesn't seem to associate with my AP. I get unknown association state 4. I think the problem here may be the MAC filtering on my AP but I don't know for sure and I haven't had time to debug this.
  • My Wavelan card (wi0) works but you need to use ifconfig to set up WEP instead of the historical wicontrol
So far so good. Given the long battery life of the W2 I can live without suspend but it would be nice to have. Maybe I can debug it at IETF.

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