| TrackBacks (10) | has been hijacked. If you're lucky enough to have the domain name cached, you get:
Panix's main domain name,, has been hijacked by parties unknown. The ownership of was moved to a company in Australia, the actual DNS records were moved to a company in the United Kingdom, and's mail has been redirected to yet another company in Canada. Panix staff are currently working around the clock to recover our domain, but this may take until Monday, due to the time differences and difficulties in reaching responsible parties over the weekend.

For most customers, accesses to Panix using the domain will not work or will end up at a false site.

As a temporary workaround, you can use the domain in place of In other words, if you're trying to log onto "" or see your mail at "," use "" or "" instead. However, you should only change the names of hosts that you connect to or your return address: the name you use to login to our mail servers,, should stay the same


If not, you end up at an under construction site.

There's nothing complicated going on here. It just looks like basic fraud--taking advantage of the rather weak protections against domain slamming. Here's the start of the relevant thread on NANOG.

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