I gotta get me one of these

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I was at the CommerceNet 10th anniversary party last night and they had one of the coolest party gizmos I've ever seen: a Chocolate Fountain. Basically, it creates a waterfall of molten chocolate which you can dip stuff (marshmallows, fruit, etc.) in:

You can also check out the video.

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That. Is so cool.

Now I have to come up with an excuse to have an event worth bringing one of these in for.

And I'll taunt the Californians here by pointing out that rentals in the Dallas area appear to be $50 - $100 cheaper...

Saw one at a wedding show I was dragged to a few weeks ago. It actually looks a little gross in person, I thought--a cascade of thick, brown fluid isn't really the most appetizing sight in the world. The samples were tasty, though.

Are you sure you weren't at my building Christmas party? We had the identical fountain set up at our event. I conclude there are at least two of these fountains in the world. Perhaps it's the en vogue thing this year, given that I have never seen one before now.

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