EG Mark 3: The revenge of MovableType

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OK. I've totally given up on WordPress. The current (and hopefully future) EG runs on MovableType 3. Now maybe I can stop screwing with my tools and start blogging again.


Just testing the comments system.

This is a test

This is a test 3

So, why'd you give up on Wordpress? I'm thinking about starting a blog and was looking at using it.


... and now I can read it without boosting ie's type size to maximum. The old site was OK, its just the wordpress one that came out tiny.

Hmm, I just swiped some existing CSS from some of the various WP sites (my own design skills are anemic), and I even let people choose their own.

I'm content with WP: MT was just too slow as a CGI, too prone to comment spam with no great solutions (MT-Blacklist didn't work with mod_perl and comments/rebuilds were unbearable without mod_perl. You couldn't even rename the cgi scripts with mod_perl: they were hard-coded somewhere and the comments would fail totally).

I have been hopeful that some smart person (Eric, I'm looking in your direction) would take MT balkiness and propose a workable fix that 6A could roll out: but now that they're a real company (ie, no longer donationware), they ought to be able to fund that themselves. I've not anything to suggest 3 performs any better than 2.x so I'll stay where I am.