Drug prices in the UK

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Looks like street prices of drugs in the UK are dropping:
DrugPrice in 1994Price in 2003
Marijuana14/eighth10/eighth (2004)

It's also kind of interesting to check out the quotes that the Independent has chosen to illustrate the effects of each drug:


Jane, 33, started taking cocaine regularly five years ago

Jane didn't like cocaine the first time she tried it. But five years later she met a new partner whose friends were regular users.

"That time I loved it," she says. " I'd been to the pub for a birthday. I had quite a lot and we talked and talked and I had the best evening."

For about a year Jane took cocaine every weekend, spending £60 a time. "It isn't glamorous," she says. "Some of the places you snort it can be quite disgusting. But I had a brilliant time dancing all night. Then I split up with my partner and stopped seeing those people, and gradually stopped using cocaine. But I'd never say never.


Website post from a 17-year-old student turned prostitute:

Yesterday i saw my councellor (2 get off crack) finished college, did coursework. i then went to the area worked my arse off. some man let me into his house i stole 2 mobiles and a jewlery box filled with indian gold. i WALKED out, sold it and smoked all the riches of it. Was out until 6.30am, tooting. got home washed and went to college. getting picked up at 5 and gonna do the whole thing again. i just have not got the willpower to stop. i justify being a prostitute and smoking white with the fact im in college and i see a councellor. i dont wanna stop and yet i knowall the effects of this bullshit. someone please man. please.

Not too hard to figure out where they stand.

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